Benchmarking CMMI

We have been running an internal project to establish using CMMI as a vehicle for benchmarking capability in a more “management consulting” way.  This came about because communicating with very senior people about the CMMI can easily “turn them off” so we have been exploring ways of addressing this.  The chart is a very early product of this analysis.  The axis are: M+C (Measurement and Control), SM (Service Management), SD (Service Delivery), SC (Service Continuity) and CPI (Continuous Process Improvement).  Most of the companies appraised have been using ITIL, many very extensively.  Look at the shape of the chart on the maximum reported line for CPI, its quite low.  My personal view is this is an illustration of one of the weaknesses of ITIL in that it concentrates on the “do” not the “improve and sustain”.  The other interesting point is there is a gap between maximum reported and maximum possible – I believe this gap supports my view that CMMI-SVC is the barometer to measure against.  When you get ITIL where do you go next?

In addition would I be alone in thinking the structure of V3 is a step backwards? It seems to have lost a level of clarity which it once had.  The good stuff is still there but it is harder to find!

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